Lunes, Abril 28, 2014

Web Designing Finished

A new "Facebook-Inspired" Web Design has been Completed!!! Contents will be uploaded later.


Linggo, Marso 16, 2014

Project "Web Design"

Hey Guys! I've been planning to re-construct my site for a better, beautiful, and awesome viewing experience on my site. My project will begin soon as I will announce it later. Just standby!! ;)

Note>> While re-encoding my site to a new interface, no bugs will be present or problems will encounter.

Biyernes, Pebrero 14, 2014

Designing on Progress

Hello there!!

There some improvements that I've been made to my site. Now you can find faster my new blog post and articles using the new search bar on the rightside of my page, a clock, and more. Be assured that i will make this blog site better!!!


Huwebes, Pebrero 13, 2014


My blog site is now on progress to post new commentary pictures and articles, interesting links and more!! So just wait guys until everything is finished!! ;)



Hi Guys!!!

I've been make my first blog site, so I want you to inform your other friends that I have already launched this
 to inform you about my latest announcements and updates about ME. I hope you will enjoy follow my site. Thank You!!!

                                                                                                    Gerardo Bermeo Jr
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